BYOD – Huge Trend in Today’s Workplace

Bring Your Own Device to work!  Employees are comfortable with their own personal mobile devices.  The will have a wide range of smart phones and tablets.

Implementing BYOD is a hardware cost savings to your company and productivity enhancer for the employee, however, brings on a few other things to consider:

  1. Software they need to use – Is it portable to all devices?
  2. Security – Your employees now have access to your databases – Are their smart phones and tables secure and password protected?
  3. Some things to consider if you allow BYOD at your company:
  4. What devices will you support?
  5. What OS versions and/or web browsers will you support?
  6. Who will have network access and what level of access will they be assigned?
  7. What applications will they need on their device?
  8. Determine what security level what want on these devices?  Will you require the device itself to have a password?  Does the application the employee will be using require a password and will it auto log them out after a set amount of time?
  9. Do you know how to disable that persons login remotely in case the device is lost or stolen.
  10. Reassess your security and practices frequently.

If you provide the device of the employee brings their own, make sure the access to your valuable data is secure!

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