Announcing Release 2.01

Landing Page/Dashboard

Improve Customer Satisfaction!

New Message / New Report Notification
You are now notified when a new message or report appear in your My Documents section of your Dashboard.  You are notified with a message in the lower right corner and a chime will sound.

With this new feature, you can now react to important reports and inter-office communications about Customer Orders and needs.

Attach Source Documents

Reduce Errors!

Browse Feature
You now have a Browse button to search for source documents stored to your disk drive electronically.  Find the source document and attach it to the history transaction posted in integraSoft.

The following features have the Browse button implemented:

  • Accounts Payable/Transaction Entry
  • Accounts Payable/Direct Payment
  • Purchase Order/Costing

Order Entry/Posting/Enter Orders

Sell More!

Ability to re-price Quote Orders
Do you use Quote Orders?  Have you ever wanted to just press a button and have that Quote Order Re-Price to reflect your latest prices and discounts?

Now when you maintain a quote order, a NEW Re-Price button displays on the General page.  This allows you to update the order with the latest prices, discounts, costs, and commissions!

Tools/Data Import

Lower Costs!

Ability to Import External File Data into General Ledger / Posting / Transactions
No longer re-key General Ledger transactions provided from your accountant or payroll provider.  You now have the ability to import General Ledger Transactions from a comma delimited file!

General Ledger/Posting/Reverse Posting Batch & Optionally Repost

Reduce Errors!

Ability to Change Date and Period of Reverse Posting
Have you ever wanted to reverse accrual entries in another posting period?  When reversing a journal in General Ledger, you now have the option to reverse with a different date and period of the original posting.

Contact us to find out how you can start using integraSoft 2.01!

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