Manufacturing Software


Getting products in the hands of customers correctly, in a timely manner and in the most cost effective way is the goal of every manufacturing company. Competitive priorities for manufacturing companies include strategy, total quality management, supply chain management and lean production processes. integraSoft software has solutions to provide manufacturers the tools to work efficiently and effectively.

Job Solution Pack

Tracking expenses and billings by job is essential for all contractors on each job. integraSoft’s Job Solution Pack, can provide businesses the benefit of real-time profitability on jobs. Features of the Job Solution Pack include: accounts payable invoices automatically update to job expenses, write checks, bill customers, charge equipment to jobs, consume inventory by job and log payroll expenses by job.

Job Overview

The job overview provides an overall business summary on a dashboard of open jobs. Functions include: percent complete graphs, planned completion dates, adjusted contract amount, estimated costs/profits, amount billed, labor, burden and material costs. This overview information is easy exported to Excel, Email or print format.

Mobile Selling

Sales force mobility solutions will increase sales by having customer information at your fingertips. This mobile solution will allow sales reps to visit more customers and sell more product. Sales team will be able to quickly create accurate orders at customer sites, and answer customer questions with real-time data.

Customer Management

integraSoft business software allows for quick tracking of shipments and the ability to have information on hand to answer customer questions. Easily identify outstanding orders or quotes to ensure communications with customers are timely, accurate and knowledgeable. Positive and informative conversations with customers increase satisfaction, customer loyalty and repeat business.


integraSoft’s Electronic Data Interchange solution can save money, improve speed, accuracy and efficiency while ensuring a business will have the information to make informed strategic business decisions. Exchanging documents electronically improves transaction speed and visibility while decreasing money spent on manual processes. Expenses associated with paper, printing, reproduction, storage, filing, postage and document retrieval can be reduced or eliminated by using EDI transactions.

Sell More

Lower Costs

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Reduce Errors

Get Paid Faster