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Value Scenarios

integraSoft has been in the business of developing strategic application software for the distribution industry for over 35 years. Our focus today is really no different than 35 years ago…Our Customers! Their growth and their success is what is most important to us. Without our mutually committed relationship we would not be the company we are today. As a company we have come to rely on these five pillars of success to help guide us as we move forward as a company.

But don’t just take our word for it. We have prepared a product demonstration for some of the pillars below, as evidence of our products providing solutions in real-life business scenarios. See for yourself how the implementation of integraSoft products can produce the tangible breakthrough your company is looking for.


By selling at the lowest carrying cost possible. Stock the right products with the right quantities; have the ability to keep your customers entrenched with you and your products; increase sales by taking the selling process closest to the customer with our mobile sales tools; and support the key distribution strategies needed to grow your business. In the business scenario below, an outside sales rep is able to use our mobile sales feature to answer his customers’ key questions and place orders on the go:


30 years ago what did people expect of their software? To print an invoice and keep track of what people owed them. We’ve been there with the solutions that our customers have needed to evolve their businesses and use our software to help them focus on growing their company. This business scenario illustrates the function of our solution to generate reports to aid in decisions to lower costs and increase overall productivity in the workplace.


We pride ourselves on selecting customers that best fit with our goals for success. Different than many other software providers, we work closely with our prospects to determine if we will have a winning business relationship over the long term. We strive to be an integral part of our customers’ success and future growth. Our service after the sale is a key ingredient to our success. Every customer will attest to our personal touch from the beginning of the sales cycle through completion of the installation process, and for years to come.

reduce_errorREDUCE ERRORS

Our  integraSuite™ of products are some of the most robust on the market today. We continually look to our customers’ needs to guide us in our development process. We have a large staff of custom programmers to assist our customers with their unique business applications. Our training staff works closely with our customers to ensure their success from the moment they go live. Our products and services provide an end-to-end business solution for distributors of all sizes and in varying disciplines. In the business scenario below, an agent is able to recognize and correct a potentially serious error through our interface.


We support our customers with a very experienced consulting team that can discuss business strategy with your top management, and work side by side with your operational personnel. From top to bottom, we have experienced personnel to help you increase your net profit results. The business scenario below demonstrates how Accounts Receivable employees can utilize our Dynamic Views function to quickly recognize trends among customers’ payment schedules and take appropriate actions to receive outstanding balances sooner.

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