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The goal of every distribution/wholesale company is to get products into the hands of customers using a timely, cost effective and error free process. integraSoft software solutions provide the software tools to get your customers what they need, when they need it.

Sales Force Mobility

Mobile selling solutions can increase sales by having customer information at your fingertips.  This convenience allows sales reps to visit more customers and sell more product. Sales teams will be able to quickly create accurate orders at customer sites, and answer customer questions with real-time data.

E-Commerce Solutions

Answer customer questions 24/7 with our fully integrated integraE-Commerce Solution. Sales reps require easy, secure access to the information they need, when and where they need it on any device they choose including mobile phones, iPads, tablets and laptops. integraE-Commerce integrates across devices, software and security to ensure businesses have the tools they need and they are readily available.

Financial Management

Core financial feature functionality will help a business optimize assets and manage costs. integraSoft software provides a business with the ability to increase productivity and have key information readily available to make business decisions.

Customer Service

integraERP provides a business with the tools to easily track shipments, answer customer questions and optimize selling to customers with flexible discount and pricing options. Easy and quick access to updated information on outstanding customer orders and quotes make it possible for employees to communicate up to the minute information.

Business Intelligence

Metrics to monitor business performance and analytics help determine the most strategic ways to increase a business’s performance and productivity. Statistical data measuring past performance can give a business critical insight on future organizational business planning. Our Business Intelligence software can assist a company in using this relevant information to increase sales, discover trends and grow customer base.

Sell More

Lower Costs

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Reduce Errors

Get Paid Faster