To Be Successful with your E-Commerce Site…

Be Creative, Be Persistent, and make Offers!  If you do not promote your Sales Site that has visibility 24/7/365, no one else will.  Grow your business through integraStore.

1.  Promote Early – When you create a new customer record in Accounts Receivable, create the login to integraStore.  E-mail the customer the login information.

2.  Promote Often – Have business cards created with easy instructions on how to get to your site and login.

3.  Offer Something – Discounted price, free freight for 30 days, or have a contest.  For every order placed through your site, put a name into a drawing.  Give away a Gift Card to a National Chain restaurant or a TV.

4.  Never stop Promoting – Have a PC set up in your show room or store front.  Allow customers to browse through all your products while standing in your store.  Set up their login while they are in the store and get them going right then.

5.  Always Sell Your Site – If you have Customer Appreciation or Pre-Season Buying events, always ask the question “Do you know you can shop with your company any time of the day or night?”

Give yourself the competitive edge.  Make it easier and faster to do business with you!

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