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Beauty Supply Distributors

integraSoft has been a leader in providing software solutions to the beauty supply industry for over 20 years. Software to allow businesses to maximize opportunities, overcome challenges and increase growth. The integraSuite solution offers integrated selling through sales channels: Customer Service, Retail, Sales Rep and E-Commerce.

integraSoft addresses the unique needs of the beauty supply industry.

Group Shipping

The ability to group ship multiple orders and products to salons will save time in the warehouse and money on shipping.

Selling in the Salon

Maximize selling in the salon with integraRep. Quickly enter orders with beauty specific price sheets, setup payment plans for intro’s, offer manufacture deals/rewards programs, easily “add chairs” and enter new customer orders.

Brand Protection (anti-diversion)

Sell authorized brand-protected product lines available only to distributors that demonstrate anti-diversion business controls. integraSuite has the tools to prevent sales to non-qualified customers, electronically store anti-diversion contracts and create reports and visibility that demonstrate a business commitment to the security of vendor’s business interests.

Promotional Programs & Special Pricing

Offer a creative shopping experience by allowing promotions and special pricing to showcase products and maximize sales including: on the fly kitting, manufacturer mix and match deals, coupons, and reward programs.

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Cloud ERP Solutions for Growing Companies

integraSoft has been a leader in providing software solutions to the beauty supply industry for over 20 years.

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Century Beauty Streamlines Growing Business with Online Technology Solution

Century Beauty Supply is a wholesale supplier that distributes beauty products and equipment to salons. The company has been in business since 1992 and serves a niche market with main sales territories in Kentucky, Indiana and Tennessee. As a business that operates with a mobile sales force, Century Beauty has realized the importance of relying on technology to manage and grow the company.