Do you have a “Crash Plan?”

Do you haul your magnetic tapes to work everyday and then haul them home.  Forget and leave those pesky things in the car when it is 98 degrees outside?

I know your diligent about your on-site backup procedures, but things can happen when you least expect it.  Did you back up over the wrong tape?  Did your backup device have a problem? Is the tape bad? Did you forget to put the new tape in? Do you really wish you had a mid day back up but can’t even think about implementing that procedure? Did the power go out and the backup didn’t kick off?  All of these things may never happen……..except for that one time you really need the backup and the tape didn’t get switched.  Ugh!

Increasing number of customers are moving to online backup  (or remote backup) methods for their offsite data storage.

You determine the files and directories you need backed up and when.  Cloud backups are encrypted and password protected.  Your data is secure.

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