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Report Writer has long been an integral part of the integraSoft Classic and TechGap products. In integraERP the product has been improved with several new capabilities.
The enhanced user interface makes for better navigation. When adding or maintaining a report it is easier to add new fields, delete fields, move fields around on the report and format the headings and print line. When selecting fields for the report click the folder next to the Primary File name or Secondary File name to display a list of fields available, then choose the desired field.

When all items have been selected the fields in the Field Selection boxes can easily be moved by highlighting the field and clicking the up or down arrow to move the field. You can also drag and drop fields in the Report Layout Section during report design.

After changes to the report layout have been made click the Auto-Layout button to format all the fields on the line and click the Auto-Headings button to format all the headings. This makes it much quicker and easier to create and maintain the exact report you are looking for.

The Laser Report option gives additional formatting and output capabilities to a report. The output from a Laser Report is a universal PDF file instead of a text file. Formatting has been significantly improved and properties such as color and font may be changed. The PDF file can easily be shared with other users. A Standard Report may be converted to a Laser Report just by checking the box marked “Laser Report”. Convert a Laser Report back to a Standard Report by unchecking the same box.

The output capabilities of File Writer have been added to Report Writer. A report can now be output to Excel, Flat File, Standard report and Laser report. You no longer have to define the same report in File Writer in order to output these file types.

When upgrading from integraSoft Classic to integraERP the existing Report Writer reports are immediately available for use with no conversion required.

The enhanced Report Writer in integraERP has been designed to make it much easier to create and maintain reports, format reports and output reports to the file types that meet your needs.


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