What’s the Best Way to Get Support and Where Do I Find It?

At integraSoft we have multiple ways to engage support with options including direct phone support, email and self help options.

Direct phone support provides you the best answer for support emergencies.  A direct call can aid in addressing complex issues where questions, troubleshooting and one on one interaction will provide real time communication and a quickest solution in a support emergency.

Email support can be effective when dealing with less urgent issues where time is not as critical.  Customers can provide plenty of detail about the issue at hand to the support staff.  This allows our support reps time to investigate on their own without needing to ask additional questions.  This is a viable solution when the need for back and forth communication isn’t required.

Finally, there are self-help support opportunities.  This is an often underutilized method where you the customer can use our knowledge base and self-help docs to better learn and understand the power and full potential of our software.

Where do I find this you ask?  The one stop answer to getting the support you need can be found at

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