integraSoft + CenPOS Credit Card Solution

The business world is predicated around, among other things: money exchanging hands. One key measure of business success is the ability to get payment for your goods or services into your hands as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The ability to accept payment by credit card allows a company to move their products off the shelf and money into their pockets at the highest possible rate.

With credit card capabilities, come a new set of challenges. Credit card processing rates, the fee paid to credit card companies, can be a burdensome overhead cost, and may turn many smaller business owners off from the idea of credit card functionality.

Optimizing these rates is the key to improving business stability and streamlining your sales cycle. Lowering credit card rates means a lower overall cost of doing business and greater flexibility in the way company money is spent.

Any business seeking to grow should be looking for possible advantages. Optimizing credit card rates presents a brand new savings in capital which can be applied to focusing strategy and expanding the scope of business.

Likewise, businesses who do not currently accept credit cards should consider the possible advantage presented by a quicker payment solution. Credit card functionality enables businesses to substantially decrease the  cash conversion cycle and turns your inventory into profits quicker.

After comprehensive research, integraSoft is proud to introduce an integrated credit card solution which aligns perfectly to our philosophy of maximizing customer returns: CenPOS, inc.

CenPOS represents both a solution to current credit card users, and incentive for non-users to adopt credit cards, as they make it easier to do business with your company. CenPOS revolutionary functionality automatically optimizes credit card rates to get money in your hands with less cost.


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