Website Design & Development

While E-Commerce capabilities are essential for a growing business, they are just a piece of the puzzle for providing an overall positive online experience.  Improve your customer engagement with cohesive branding throughout your business’s web presence beyond E-Commerce.  IntegraSoft can assist you in designing, developing, and operating a modern website that looks great on any device.

  • Site Design & Development (separate from E-Commerce)
  • WordPress Content Management & Template selection
  • Responsive Design
  • Content Creation (Text, Images, Video)
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Branding
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Google Analytics
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
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E-Commerce Administration & Training

Manage your web and E-commerce site how you want. We can provide the training you need to update content on your own. Learn how to update online product catalogs, managing pages and mutli-media content, establish order fulfillment processes and self-service features

  • Content Management  (Base & Advanced)
  • Multi-media and Social Media integration
  • Content Publishing
  • Data Import / Export Best Practices
  • Order & Fulfillment Workflow Management
  • Customer Engagement for Self-service Best Practices

E-Commerce Optimization

Your website and E-commerce experience is a direct extension of your business.  Even small to medium sized businesses can use the same tactics as large companies to engage customers through E-commerce optimization.

  • ECOM & Signup Branding
  • Custom ECOM Menu & Category Management
  • iRep integration (Cart Sharing, Rep Creation of Customer ECOM Logins, etc.)
  • Abandoned Cart Management
  • ECOM Search Analysis & Customization
  • Marketing Optimization
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Web IT Services

IntegraSoft offers IT services to get businesses’ E-Commerce and standard websites up and running as quickly and securely as possible. This includes DNS registration and configuration, SSL certificate administration, and SSL certificate renewal services.

  • Website hosting
  • DNS – Registration & management of customer’s DNS provider for ERP & ECOM Servers
  • SSL – Certificate administration (CSR generation, customer SSL provider registration, acquisition/install) & renewal management

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