Car Stock

Lost Profit on the Road

In the beauty industry, as well as many others, car stock is defined as any inventory products that an outside sales rep carries in their car to use as samples or deliveries to certain customers. But even when utilizing inventory tweaks, this creates an issue in the form of thousands of dollars worth of products rolling around, forgotten in a car trunk somewhere.

Most of these sales reps do get a budget for the stock they carry around with them, which is an excellent idea. However, the biggest issue with this implementation lies in the inability to accurately track and record the amounts of car stock in play.

Human error is an unfortunate, but also unavoidable part of business. Sales reps are (hopefully) busy individuals, they do not always have time to take inventory of what may be sitting in the backseat of their cars and report back to the company. And likewise, individuals in the office simply don’t have the hours in the day necessary to keep tabs on moving bunches of product.

integraSoft has encountered multiple customers facing this issue. We have adapted our software solution to help quantify and control car stock. Our software allows each sales rep’s personal stock to be reported in the same manner as a warehouse. Companies can keep track of car stock by noting value, quantity, and date taken for any products the sales rep may be carrying with them.

integraSoft has engineered a clear path to managing car stock without needing to come up with complicated inventory tweaks. A truly comprehensive business solution should include methods of getting products out of the trunk, and on to shelves to drive business and promote growth.

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