Bid Management

Completely integrated
Bid & Quoting System

Managing individual quotes costs valuable sales, customer and
internal staff time. Utilizing integraSoft’s fully integrated Bid

Management System, you can easily manage and track the entire
bidding process within integraSuite. integraSoft Bid Management
allows you to easily maintain bids, manage costs, and quickly turn
those bids into orders when the project is awarded. Save time, save
money, and maximize your margins with integraSoft!

integraSoft Bidding

Streamline the Bidding Process

Create, copy, and track all your bids from start to finish in one simple application:
Efficiently build complex quotes or Recurring Startup Orders.

Document unique requirements, terms and conditions by job.

Attach documents and files such as architectural design specs, product specs by line item or building
stipulations and requirements.
Email quotes and attached documents
to contractors bidding on jobs

Manage your customer list to job

Bid Managment Quote

integraSoft understands that the process doesn’t stop at a winning bid. In one click, quickly convert quotes to
customer orders or Vendor POs for awarded contracts, while retaining a permanent link back to your quotation for
easy reference in the future.


Easily align your quotes to a predefined profit goal by calculating quote price based on desired margin for the entire bid or by line item. Vendor quoting options allow you to select products from the bid and send them to multiple vendors to be quoted, ensuring you get the best possible value. You can also easily turn the quotes into purchase
orders and match your purchase orders to the specifications on the original bid, allowing you to get the lowest price from your supplier network without doing extra work.


Minimize your errors and ship what was quoted the first time around. integraSoft helps to eliminate double entry and improve communication across offices by centralizing information. Line Item functionality allows you to make sure all details of your bid are in sync before putting plans in motion. You can attach specifications for each line item and
change all prices by margin to enable a more flexible business process.


The Bid Management system allows you to assign existing products, pricing and customer information from
integraERP and send bids to multiple customers. You can also:

Standardize look for your quotes
Share Project Documents

Requote from similar project

Turn awarded contracts into orders

Send Request for Quotes to Vendors and Subcontractors

Attach Documents internally to manage key project specifications

Attach Documents to send to the customer

Manage different versions of the same quote to different customers.


Let our knowledgeable and trustworthy staff unlock the barriers to quicker bid processes and better business practices. integraSoft Bid Management is made to work with integraSuite software and will not require a slowdown in business flow to install and activate. It’s never been easier to streamline your bids, maximize your margins, and win more business! Contact us today!

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