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Integrated ERP Solution

integraSoft’s Base ERP supports your financial growth strategies and comparisons that give you the critical information needed to predict business performance. Base Edition is usable as an on-premise or cloud deployed solution.


Our core financial feature functionality helps you optimize assets and manage costs. Statement Writer, our financial report writer, gives you the ability to design financial reports tailored to your needs. Statement Writer increases productivity and provides integraSoft users with the key information to make core business decisions.

Order Entry

Easily track your shipments to answer customer questions and optimize your selling on a per-customer basis with extensive discount and pricing options. Easily identify outstanding customer orders and quote orders to prevent errors in communication which can cost your business.

Inventory Control

Manage your inventory with metrics reporting on units per month to help determine demand. Automatically alert your purchasing dept when stocks get low. Apply our Shipping Interface to easily exchange order and tracking information with FedEx and UPS.

Business Analytics

integraERP’s Dashboard delivers the metrics to monitor your business performance. This statistical data gives you the information needed to measure past performance and give you insight into your organizational business planning.

Ad-hoc Reporting

Quickly assemble customer reports with our dynamic look up and sort features. Automatically alert purchasing department when stocks get low. Automated procurement and order fulfillment help streamline day-to-day operations and ramp up the velocity of your business.

Is ERP Base Right for Me?

Are you a single warehouse company with 8 or less employees? Do you have a couple of sales reps and a need to advertise your products online?  This solution is the right fit for you!  The ERP Base Edition is designed to deliver essential functionality with exceptional value. It provides your company with the core accounting and inventory management tools needed to drive financial growth and lower operational costs.

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No matter what size your business, integraSoft offers five different product suites that allow you to expand as you grow. Add new features and functions when the time is right, easily customize the software to fit your business and choose from on-premise or cloud-based deployment. integraSoft offers a complete product suite that can be quickly customized to help you grow fast and grow smart.

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