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Digital Communications Hub

Business partners and new opportunities pushing you to share data electronically? Customers wanting to send orders digitally? Merchants, Vendors, and Sales Channels pressing for real time inventory  and shipping information? Looking to do EDI? Want to get connected to the omni-channel to expand your ability to sell? How can digital commerce help you win vs. your competition.

Trading Partners - EDI

Retailers • Distributors • Manufacturers

integra E-Channel's EDI components are an innovative complete solution that enables companies companies to get started with an affordable price point through an annual managed service subscription. This can be scaled up or down based on business needs. No additional third-party products to license, learn, or operate. integraSoft provides the following services for purchase to support EDI solutions with trading partners:

Online Markets

Amazon • Walmart • eBay

Get connected to big chain online markets such as, or eBay to receive orders automatically into integraERP. Connect direct or through 3rd Party Omni-Channel managers. Share inventory availability and pricing back to the marketplace.


Excel • Notepad • XML

Documents shared by customers or created internally can be used to load orders quickly using integraEChannel. integraSoft services are available for purchase to map Excel files, XML data and Flat File orders directly into integraERP.

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Save Money

Expenses associated with paper, printing, reproduction, storage, filing, postage and document retrieval are all reduced or eliminated outright when you make the switch to digital transactions through eChannelManager, lowering your transaction costs. Errors due to illegible faxes, lost orders or incorrectly taken phone orders are eliminated, saving your staff valuable time otherwise spent handling data disputes.

Speed, Accuracy, AND Efficiency

eChannelManager can speed up your business cycles by exchanging transactions in minutes instead of the days or weeks of wait time from the postal service. Improve data quality, eliminate errors from illegible handwriting, lost faxes / mail and keying and rekeying errors. Using eChannelManager can reduce the ordertocash cycle time, improving business partner transactions and relationships.