Better Together – Integration and Collaboration are the Name of the Game in Today’s Business World

Combining two great companies gives your customer base more opportunities and options to grow their business.  Excited to announce the journey to take Rental Software Tracking to the next level!  Don’t miss out on limited time offers.

SPECIAL OFFERS for existing integraRental customers through RoviTracker! 
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integraRental is a leading rental software company with intuitive features and full integration with QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop.  Mobile rental, 24/7 E-Commerce and Dispatch are a few of the features to keep a rental company running smoothly.  RoviTracker knows that growing your business means better data collection.  Engine runtime collection will help to simplify service and maintenance schedule.  Advanced GPS capabilities leads to better information for companies to track their equipment – everything from fuel usage, location tracking, battery voltage and more.

Two companies with the same mission to serve the customer is an exciting way to provide customers with more opportunities, the peace of mind of two teams supporting them and the opportunity for sharing data to make things efficient and realizing the most opportunities with the collaboration.

IntegraRental partnering with the trusted tracking experts at RoviTracker, provides businesses the ability to track any make/model of rental equipment.  Visibility of assets and vital metrics enable the customer to make sound business decisions.  Automate check in/check out times with electronically captured metered hours and fuel levels.  Reduce cost with the ability to optimize dispatch delivery and coordinate pickups by monitoring (utilizing best route options).  The ability to track delivery drivers will improve accountability and route efficiency with accurate Bluetooth tracking.  Many different opportunities with collaboration to enhance your business offerings.

“RoviTracker & integraRental share core goals to meet the needs of rental businesses.  We’ve partnered to provide an integrated, modern, easy to use solution that provides real time access of machine location and telematics information to the rental management system (integraRental).  This enables our mutual customers to save time, optimize usage of the rental fleet and unlock new billing scenarios with real time access to field-based machine usage.” said Brian Hanna, integraSoft VP of Strategy & Engineering.

“I’m excited about the collaboration between RoviTracker and integraSoft, this integration makes it so integraSoft users can access location-based and vital metrics from their rental equipment without having to log into multiple sites. integraSoft has helped their clients save hundreds of manual hours each month and are giving their clients more visibility into their rental assets.”  said Alain Eav RoviTracker CEO

Easy to get started!  Full integration with integraRental to track your equipment in real time and instant location access of your fleet.  Having an edge over competitors is the name of the game and collaboration is one of the tools to get there!

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