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Atlas Wire Opens Doors to Bigger Business


Atlas Wire Company • Schiller Park, IL •

Customer since 1991

“What integraSoft has given us, essentially, is the ability for a customer to be assured the consistency and quality of their orders, on a continuing basis. That holds tremendous value to us.”

-Bruce Leska, Vice President

Since 1966, Atlas Wire Company has manufactured PVC, Nylon, and Crosslinked Polyethylene insulated wire that meets hundreds of industry specifications
including Appliance, Fixture, UL Machine Tool, Canadian Standards Association, Automotive, and Military requirements. Atlas Wire is always looking for new
technology to help expand their scope of business.


Atlas has many large customers who were placing orders with large numbers of line items. These orders were sent via fax, requiring manual entry into integraERP systems, consuming substantial time and resources. Recently policy changes at their largest customer made EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) functionality a requirement for Atlas to maintain the business.


By implementing integraSoft’s EDI solution, Atlas Wire reduced costs, gained quicker order processing capabilities, and improved satisfaction with their largest
customer. The solution enables them to:

  • Send and receive supply chain data with large companies seamlessly
  • Digitally send/receive EDI 850 Purchase Orders and EDI 856 Advance Ship Notices
  • Automatically create orders innediately after approval with no errors or delays
  • Enables a more complete view of orders in progress
  • Eliminate Errors occuring from manually re-entered order information
  • Provide framework for future large client acquisition
  • Save money by eliminating expenses associated with paper documents
  • Postion Atlas as a company which can apply technology to serve customers

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