integraSoft Brand Protection

Your business works hard to maintain its brand, without compromise. Products which are sold past set date, in unauthorized markets, or to unqualified customers can seriously harm your business.

Many beauty brand manufacturers hold an exclusively defined list of authorized retailers that have been educated on the product line. In this case, these retailers are bound by contract not to divert the sales to other unauthorized distributors. These contracts are called Diversion Programs or “Do Not Defer” contracts.

These contracts are key in preventing diversion, but not necessarily airtight. Distributors operating with a large number of re-sellers will often find it to be a daunting task notifying all branches of the detail points of your Vendor Diversion Contracts.  integraERP automates this process for you!  You as the Distributor determine, based on your contracts, who can purchase your product and the system notifies your Employees of any violation/diversion to your Brand Protection Programs.

“Before, we had to designate a full-time staff member to personally review each order to ensure that products are only being sold to customers with the proper documentation on file. Now, integraSoft Brand Protection does that for us. It saves us considerable time and effort on a daily basis.”

-Thom Clarke, Independent Salon Services

Does your company require special certifications to transport or sell certain products? Use the Brand Protection Program to ensure educational and other competencies have been met before selling the products to everyone. Reduce errors in your distribution process and maintain your business standards with integraSoft Brand Protection.

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