Office 365: Work Smarter

A phrase commonly thrown around in today’s workplace is “work smarter, not harder”. What does working smarter actually mean? integraSoft believes that to get the most out of your work space, you should be using the best tools and resources available to you. In that spirit, we have expanded our range of solutions, by partnering with Microsoft to not only offer Office 365 office productivity software, but to implement it into our own business.

To us, Microsoft Office 365 has meant a smarter, more productive office and a more streamlined workflow. Using a Cloud based interface, Office 365 has allowed integraSoft staff to take their work anywhere. Office applications can store and share data more easily than ever, reducing slowdown due to limited availability.

“Microsoft Office 365 has allowed our company to be portable and has revolutionized the way we work, communicate, and grow.”

Matthew DeCap, VP, Phoenix Corporation

Microsoft Office’s Sharepoint functionality allows different departments within our organization to share calendars, files, and information in one place. Each member of the company can easily outline their workflow and assign new tasks on the Sharepoint site, reducing the need for tedious status meetings and keeping all members of the company on the same page.

When it comes to one on one communication, Lync instant messaging software -included with Office 365- changes the game. No members of integraSoft are out of range, with videoconferencing making even our most remote agents available anywhere. Lync video can also be recorded, which we use often to make online demos a snap.

Our usage of Microsoft Office 365 means getting current and staying current. integraSoft will never need to hassle with purchasing another edition of Office again, with 365 automatically updating and evolving without extra charges.

Utilizing Office 365 has helped us work better together, closing gaps and promoting a more efficient human element.

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