Johnson Lab and Supply Co. Uses Replenishment Software to Save Money

Johnson Lab and Supply Co • Palestine, TX 

Replenishment Software user since 2016
Customer since 1987

Johnson Lab and Supply Co. is a long-standing company specializing in pipe, valves and clamps for municipalities. Salespeople throughout the state of Texas work to take supply orders each day. Operating out of one warehouse, ten dedicated employees fill the daily needs of their numerous accounts and ship the supplies throughout the state.

“My process has always been a notepad and my #2 pencil and heading out to the warehouse each day. This process took me an hour over more every day to assess inventory. Now I spend just a few minutes checking the warehouse! I had to trust the software and now I enjoy the ease of use in our new process. Replenishment Software makes my day a LOT easier and I can spend more time working with customers or on other projects.”

-Joey Pierce, Warehouse Office Manager, Johnson Lab and Supply Co.


  • After using the Replenishment feature of integraERP for 6 months, inventory at Johnson Lab and Supply Co. is down 22%
  • During the same time period, backordered items have gone down significantly
  • Timely shipping has increased customer satisfaction
  • The ability to plan a shipping strategy and package products together saves on freight costs

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