ICVERIFY User Updates

At integraSoft, we make sure our customers are getting the most out of their business software investment. When the business environment changes, it is our duty to make sure our customers stay caught up.

In that spirit, we are announcing that any current ICVERIFY (Version 4.3 and earlier) customers currently using a First Data processing network will be required to download and install a software patch by August 26th, 2014. This patch allows for more secure 2048-bit encryption keys to keep your data safer than ever. We recommend that all customers install the patch to ensure they stay protected for the foreseeable future.


  • First Data processing networks use an ISP called Datawire.
  • ICVerify users using a First Data processing network are required to download a patch by August 26th
  • All ICVerify users must be on version 4.0.2 Build 10 or higher in order to download a patch to support SSL encryption requirements for First Data / Datawire.
  • To see which version of ICVERIFY you have installed, open ICVERIFY, select Help, then select About ICVERIFY. This will display the Version and Build.
  • NO software changes or updates are required from integraSoft to support this patch.
  • The patch is free to ICVERIFY users
  • It is recommended at this time that all ICVERIFY users install this patch, regardless of the processing network that you use. This will make you compliant should you or your merchant change processing networks in the future.
  • The patch, when installed, will not interfere with operations if using an alternate processing network (e.g. Hartland, Paymentech, T-Sys, etc…)


The patch can be downloaded from, listed as JcardSSLUpdate. For your convienece, we have posted ICVERIFY’s installation Guide on our integraLink Portal. If you need help installing the patch, contact the ICVERIFY Support Desk at 800.365.1998 between the hours of 8:00 AM and 10:00 PM EST, 7 days a week.

Please note: ICVERIFY has ended all support for all versions older than 4.0.4 as of July 2013. Please contact Support

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