Century Beauty Streamlines Growing Business with Online Technology Solution

Century Beauty Supply • Louisville, KY •

integraREP user since 2012
Customer since 1999

“I will tell you they are excellent. We’ve been working with them on all of our systems for over 10 years. They are the best organization I’ve ever worked with in terms of tech support. integraREP has helped us grow our business with a more sophisticated system. We run a multi-million dollar business with very little staff overhead – that’s what the technology has done for us.”

-Marti Hancock, Owner

Century Beauty Supply is a wholesale supplier that distributes beauty products and equipment to salons. The company has been in business since 1992 and serves a niche market with main sales territories in Kentucky, Indiana and Tennessee. As a business that operates with a mobile sales force, Century Beauty has realized the importance of relying on technology to manage and grow the company.


  • Advance business operations to link all files and accounts into one accounting system
  • Develop a distribution system that connects the bookkeeping, customer orders, and company finances
  • Reduce paperwork requirements for outside sales reps to enable quicker input and processing of orders
  • Improve efficiencies in the way orders are entered, shipped and tracked
  • Implement a sophisticated technology solution at a reasonable cost


  • Lowered overhead costs and improved efficiencies by implementing an online system that eliminated paperwork
  • Reduced errors by processing orders in an efficient online system
  • Sped up order processing time to provide customers with one-day shipping
  • Allowed the ability to resolve any order issues immediately
  • Improved customer satisfaction with faster order processing and online shipment tracking
  • Implemented an easy to use system for sales people to search through 6,000 products in the company inventory

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