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August 2017

Why Invest in Team Bonding? What are the Benefits?

Why invest in team bonding? Are there any tangible benefits? Is it really important for my employees? They sit next to each other at work – can they just bond during work hours?
Team bonding encourages teamwork and collaboration in a light hearted setting. This allows employees to view each other in a new light. This leads to genuine personal connections. These connections open the door for new ideas, problem solving and a genuine “we are on the same team” mentality in the office.

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July 2017

The Loss of a Key Employee Can Have a Devastating Effect on Your Company

The loss of a key employee to a company can have devastating effect on morale and productivity and potentially cause an economic hit for the entire company.  The loss may come by relocation, losing an employee to another company or any sudden departure of an employee.  By taking proactive steps, you can minimize the effects of losing a key employee to your company.

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March 2017

What Exactly is ERP Software and Why Do I Need It?

You’ve heard the business buzzwords and acronyms floating about in the business world. What exactly is ERP software? ERP software (Enterprise Resource Planning) allows a business to use a system of integrated applications to manage the business functions including technology, information services and human resources.

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