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integraSuite Release 2.04

July 24, 2014

July 2014

Now Supporting Level 3 Credit Card Processing

CenPOS Credit Card solutionsLevel III Processing

As you may already know, integraSoft is proud to partner with CenPOS Credit Card gateway to provide new, secure and comprehensive payment solutions for your business.

integraSoft can now support Level 3 credit card processing transactions. Level 3 transactions only apply to government and corporate credit cards, which require additional data to help ensure the best rates for these types of credit cards. More information about Level III credit card processing and CenPOS overall can be found here

Am I missing something?

Our customers may noticed that we skipped over a Release 2.03. In an effort to provide the maximum functionality to our clients with the highest velocity, we combined those features into Release 2.02, released earlier this quarter.

To View Additional Enhancements from Release 2.02

Check here for the new features from our last release!

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