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IntegraRental + QuickBooks


Rental software solutions can enable you to grow your rental business and reduce errors using intuitive features that are seamlessly integrated with QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop.  integraRental provides your business with the tools needed for success including dispatch board, scheduled maintenance, service tickets, unlimited check in/out attributes with automatic overage calculations, and a 28-day asset availability view.

Asset Management

Protect your investments by using integraRental Asset Management features.  Manage across multiple locations, set rates with flexible time frames, define unlimited attributes, track metered hour usage and fuel types/rates to automatically calculate overages at check-in.  integraRental includes the ability to define rules for damage waivers and deposits by individual asset.


Manage your work site details and contact information to avoid time and equipment loss.  Track your pick-up/delivery fleet using integraRental daily dashboards.  View driving directions with Google Maps integration.  Define delivery zones for auto-calculation of pick-up/delivery fees.

Online Rental Store

integraRental’s online store makes it possible for a business to assess information and interact with customers any time. Display real-time availability/rates of rental fleet online, customers submit reserve requests online, and offer retail/consumable to the business online customer base.  Ability to sell used equipment by loading specific pictures, pricing and descriptions.


Counterpoint Operations

Work on any internet enabled device to access IntegraRental’s cloud based solutions including asset information, 28-day Asset Availability View and integraRental Quick Quote.


Avoid billing and duplication by integrating with your accounting software.  Schedule interim billings and reduce paperwork by storing information digitally.


Monitor progress using the reports available with integraRental.  Stay ahead of issues with daily Reservation Conflict reports, asses profitability with the Rental Asset Revenue report and monitor deviations in procedures with the Override History report.

Preventative Maintenance

The ability to place returning assets into maintenance mode directly from check-in screen.  Use service tracking and schedule preventative maintenance based on your timing needs.


Gierke Robinson Company, Inc.

“integraRental has improved our ability to satisfy our customers with real time equipment availability. The 28 Day View gives us quick access to future reservations and the ability to see across multiple locations allows us to stay on top of customer demand.”

-Terry Kilburg, President

QuickBooks & integraRental - Seemlessly working together for your rental business!!

You can have it all. Simplicity of QuickBooks for your accounting, invoicing and customer management. integraRental to help you manage your rental and services business.

Sell More
Lower Costs
Improve Customer Satisfaction
Reduce Errors
Get Paid Faster

Integration Highlights

Push Rental Invoices & Sales Receipts Automatically to QuickBooks: Once approved in integraRental, monthly or upfront rental & service billings are recorded in QuickBooks as invoices or sales receipts. Invoicing, payment collections and general ledger updates are managed in QuickBooks.
Map QuickBooks Items to Rental Assets & Services: Anything that can be “billed” in integraRental is mapped to a QuickBooks Item (Non-stock or service).,QuickBooks stock items can be added directly to rental agreements.
Single Source of Customer Data in QuickBooks: integraRental accesses QuickBooks customer data for Rental Agreements enabling QuickBooks to be the single source for customer data.

Leverage the Benefits from Multiple Companies

Integration done well benefits your company by leveraging the innovation, investments and knowledge from best in class solutions delivered by multiple companies focused in their unique value and benefits.  Application integration creates greater efficiency and sets the stage for future growth and opportunity.

integraRental Powerful & Intuitive Features

Equipment rental is a service industry providing machinery, tools, equipment, event and party items of all kinds and sizes for a limited period of time to consumer and commercial customers.  integraSoft is a proud member of the American Rental Association.