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ERP E-Biz Enterprise Edition

Integrated ERP solution

integraSoft’s Enterprise ERP supports your financial growth strategies and comparisons which give you the critical information needed to predict business performance. Enterprise Edition is usable as an on premise or cloud deployed solution.

Is ERP E-Biz Enterprise Right for Me?

Are you a company with several warehouse locations and 21 or more employees?  Does your company have multiple retail locations, sales reps and the need for an online sales solution? This is the right fit for you!  ERP Enterprise Edition is built to provide functionality for several users in large-scale companies. Our solutions work to sync the multiple parties and facets of a larger company to increase business velocity and reduce communication errors.

Multiple Warehouse Support
Increased User Count
Enhanced Support Packages
ERP E-Biz Enterprise Functionality

Business Analytics

Drill down to key data by designing your own Dynamic Data Views, automatically deliver key performance reports to your E-Mail or save directly to your dashboard for quick and easy retrieval. Monitor current performance and plan for future efforts with all the necessary information in hand.

Financial Management

ERP Enterprise contains a full range of financial support functions to streamline your accounting and budgeting operations. Design financial reports tailored to your needs with Statement Writer. Includes an optimized Payroll solution to keep your employees paid on time, every time.

Customer Service

Quickly identify outstanding customer orders and quote orders to prevent errors. Easily track your shipments to answer customer questions and optimize your selling on a per-customer basis with extensive discount and pricing options.

Distribution Management

Manage your inventory with metrics reporting on units per month to help determine demand. Automatically alert your purchasing dept when stocks get low. Apply our Shipping Interface to easily exchange order and tracking information with FedEx and UPS.


Mobile Sales


Spotlight: integraSoft Consulting

E-Biz Enterprise includes 6 FREE hours of integraSoft consulting time to ensure you get the most of your ERP investment.

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E-Commerce Solutions

ERP Enterprise includes suport for 1 online marketplace website with options for additional sites available. Customers can not only submit orders, but also look up order history, past pricing, and shipping status to answer their questions and do business 24/7.