Are you managing all the pieces of the RFP process?

The Request for Proposal or Request for Bid process is becoming more important than ever, in a number of industries. This process, when not run efficiently, can represent significant risk to a business.

What goes into the risk of handling Quotations? Ask yourself:

  • Have your bidding specifications not made it into the right hands?
  • Have you ever supplied a product with the wrong origination code?
  • Can you seamlessly access the quote once awarded or are your quotes buried deep on someone’s desk or in the recesses of their computer?
  • Have you ever supplied the vendor with the wrong information because someone typed the incorrect product number when asking for a RFQ from the vendor?

Some errors in business are unavoidable, but with the implementation of an easy bidding system, your business can minimize risk to maximize reward and future growth potential. One of our fastest-growing customers, Utility Equipment Company, utilizes our Bid Management solution to save time, expand range of production options, and reduce errors in their bidding process.

“Before implementing integraSoft’s Bid Management, we needed to hire another person to help handle the Bid process. Since the implementation, we are saving a great deal of time which allows us to build and finish our quotes more quickly. ”

– Tom Coryn, Vice President, Utility Equipment Supply Company

Utility Equipment, with our help, was able to completely streamline their bidding process, minimizing potential risks as well as eliminating additional expenditures for resources such new personnel.

integraSoft Bid/Quote Management software tool is fully integrated with the integraERP systems and streamlines every phase of the Bidding process, providing overall systematic business value:

Control Liabilities

  • Create, copy, and track all your bids from start to finish in one simple application.
  • Efficiently build Recurring Startup Orders instead of manually re-entering data
  • Automatically maintain tracking information on all bids to avoid confusion

Maximize Margins

  • Easily align your quotes to a pre-defined profit goal by calculating quote price based on the desired margin for the entire bid or by line item.
  • Quickly turn quotes into purchase orders, and match purchase orders to the specifications on the original bid, allowing you to get the lowest price from your supplier network

Let’s unlock the barriers together and create a risk-free bid process with better practices.

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