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About Us

The integraSoft team has a rich heritage of building long term relationships with our customers. We’ve been doing it since 1972. It’s not uncommon for many of our customers to have a 20+ year relationship with integraSoft. But what is uncommon, is the fact that these long time customers have been working with the same integraSoft team members for most of those 20 years.


It’s all about innovation. The integraSoft team’s mission is to transform your business so that you can grow. Software innovation in our product offerings are the cornerstone of that mission. From mobile software solutions that empower your sales team to get the edge on your competition to online e-commerce store solutions that serve your customers 24/7, the integraSoft team is committed to continuous innovation in everything we do.

We know that our future is tied to your success. Our commitment to your success is rooted in our culture and reflected in everything that we do – from constant software innovation, to excellence in service and our history of excellent customer relationships. We thank our customers for allowing us to be their business partners and look forward to welcoming our new customers into the integraSoft family.

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Our Promise

At integraSoft, we value our customers.

We want you to grow. When you grow, we grow.

Our customers call us because they want to sell more products, lower costs, reduce errors, increase customer satisfaction and get paid faster.

They call us because they know that big box accounting and ERP solutions won’t fit their business and because the last thing they want to do is be forced to customize their whole business to fit their software.

“Wholesale distribution ERP is all we do and all we have done for 35 years”

They call us because they want to have their questions answered by a human being, just like them. Our support team is renowned for their ability to provide efficient solutions to any software issue.

The integraSoft team knows wholesale distribution business solutions better than any big box ERP solution. That’s because wholesale distribution ERP is all we do and all we have done for 35 years. Therefore, our promise to you is very simple.

We promise to:

Never share your data with anyone.

Provide you with the same services and capabilities as “the big guys,” but with the personal, one-on-one experience that those companies lack.

Always have a REAL person on our end of the phone line.

Always return your calls within 24 hours.

Set high performance standards and constantly strive toward personal and professional goals.

Bring enthusiasm and passion to our work every day.

Deliver the results that you expect.

Anticipate your needs and maintain a high level of communication at all times.

Better Together - Integration and Collaboration are the Name of the Game in Today's Business World

Two companies with the same mission to serve the customer is an exciting way to provide customers with more opportunities, the peace of mind of two teams supporting them and the opportunity for sharing data to make things efficient and realizing the most opportunities with the collaboration.